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About AI Automation Agency

Own The Bank, We Do The Work!

At AI Automation Agency Ltd, we make owning your own digital bank a reality without the millions in capital, technical skills or regulatory struggles! Through our revolutionary Digital Banking-As-A-Service (DBaaS), you can own a personalized digital bank offering full financial services to clients worldwide. Best of all? We take care of everything and have your bank up and running within 30 days!

You Provide The Funds, We Handle The Rest

  • Our expert team sets up the legal entity, obtains licensing, builds your banking website, designs corporate branding, provides banking software and management, and integrates with payment systems like Master card and Visa.
  • We appoint experienced banking professionals to operate your bank, so you don’t need any technical know-how or previous experience. 100% hands-off for you!

Access Up To $100 Billion In Credit

  • Your new digital bank comes pre-loaded with a credit line between $100 million to $100 billion.
  • You can use these funds to offer financing services to your clients from day one!

Guaranteed 10,000% Return On Investment

  • When you invest with us, you are guaranteed a massive 10,000% ROI.
  • If your bank underperforms for any reason, we will compensate you 100% of your investment plus the promised 10,000% returns.
  • ZERO risk!

Total Anonymity and Control

  • You will anonymously own and control your bank without needing to maintain capital reserves, physical offices, or meet regulatory requirements.
  • No taxes on income, capital gains or inheritance.
  • Complete autonomy!

Join The Digital Banking Revolution!

Don’t wait years trying to set up your bank. With AI Automation Agency Ltd’s DBaaS, your digital bank will be ready for business in less than 30 days!

Be part of the future of global banking – invest today!

The Easiest Way to Own Your Bank

AI Automation Agency Ltd provides the simplest and fastest way to own your own digital bank, even if you have zero banking experience. Our guided process takes you from investment to fully operational bank in as little as 30 days!

  • No need for millions in capital – our low investment threshold opens digital banking ownership to nearly anyone.
  • No previous banking experience required – our experts handle everything related to setup, legal compliance, software, management, etc.
  • No long regulatory processes – we handle licensing and documentation so you avoid red tape.
  • No complex technical skills needed – our integrated digital banking platform is easy to use and maintain.

Complete End-To-End Setup & Launch


We offer complete end-to-end services that handle every step of establishing your digital bank:


  • Legal entity formation
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Bank office setup
  • Custom banking website
  • Corporate branding and identity
  • Administrative documents
  • Banking software suite
  • Payment system integration (Mastercard, Visa, SWIFT)
  • Expert banking management team
  • Ongoing technical support
  • And much more!

Pre-Loaded with $100M to $100B Credit


Your digital bank will come pre-loaded with a substantial credit line between $100M to $100B. You can leverage these funds to provide financing services to customers right away.


100% Passive Income Stream

By investing with AI Automation Agency Ltd, you can earn completely passive income from your digital bank’s operations and lending services. Our team handles the day-to-day management while you collect profits.

Guaranteed 10,000% Return on Investment

We guarantee you will receive a mammoth 10,000% ROI on your investment in our Digital Banking-As-A-Service platform. If your bank underperforms for any reason, we will reimburse your investment plus the promised returns.

Zero Risk Investment

Your investment is 100% protected from any losses, declines, or failures. If your digital bank platform does not generate the promised ROI for any reason, we will reimburse your investment + 10,000% returns. Zero risk!

Complete Ownership & Control

You will retain complete autonomous ownership over your digital bank, with no partners or interferance in operations. Our experts handle the technical work while you maintain full authority over assets, lending, profits and strategy.

Total Anonymity

There is no need to disclose your identity or personal details to own and operate your digital bank discreetly. You can anonymously control your international banking business with zero public footprint.

Minimal Ongoing Responsibilities

Our comprehensive Digital Banking-As-A-Service platform minimizes your responsibilities as owner. You simply monitor performance and profits while our team handles the day-to-day banking operations and management.

Regulatory Assistance

Our extensive experience with financial regulators in over 150 countries allows us to expertly manage licensing, compliance, reporting and other regulatory needs for your digital bank.

Unmatched Convenience

With AI Automation Agency Ltd, you can own a fully functional digital bank with minimal capital outlay, zero technical skills, and virtually no regulatory or operational responsibilities. Our guided process provides unmatched convenience and ease for becoming a digital bank owner.

No Physical Bank Branch Required

As a purely digital bank, there is no need for a physical bank office or branch. This significantly reduces overhead expenses while allowing you to easily scale your services globally.

Tax Free Banking Income

Owning a digital bank through our platform provides financial income free from taxes on capital gains, inheritance, or interest. This maximizes your bank’s profitability.

Join the Digital Banking Revolution!

Don’t wait years trying to establish your own bank. With AI Automation Agency Ltd’s DBaaS, you can own a revenue-generating digital bank with global reach in less than 30 days!

Be at the forefront of the future of digital banking. Invest today to become a digital banking entrepreneur within one month!

Who We Are

AI Automation Agency Ltd was founded by a team of fintech entrepreneurs, banking veterans, and technology innovators driven to democratize digital banking ownership for all.

  • Our founders have decades of combined experience building financial institutions, managing complex regulatory landscapes, and leveraging emerging technologies to create robust banking solutions.
  • Our mission is to open access to digital banking entrepreneurship by providing an end-to-end platform for owning a profitable bank with minimal capital, knowledge, or regulatory constraints.
  • The AI Automation Agency Ltd team is comprised of both financial executives and technology experts who seamlessly guide clients from initial investment to fully operational digital bank ready to service an international clientele.
  • We stay at the leading edge of digital banking capabilities to ensure our clients benefit from the latest fintech innovations while avoiding technical complexity. Our platform is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.
  • AI Automation Agency Ltd has partnered with payment systems, telecom providers, regulators, and other financial institutions across 150+ countries to enable global digital banking services for our clients.
  • Our company culture is defined by an unwavering commitment to transparency, trust, and world-class client service at every step. We stand behind every digital bank we help launch, every client we guide, and every investment we safeguard.

Our Digital Banking Model

AI Automation Agency Ltd has developed a proprietary Digital Banking-As-A-Service (DBaaS) platform that provides everything needed to own and operate a profitable digital bank with no banking expertise required.

Our guided process delivers the following:

  • Turnkey Bank Infrastructure – We handle the setup of all technical infrastructure, software, integrations, security, hosting, maintenance, and ongoing management.
  • Comprehensive Services – In addition to infrastructure, we provide the operational resources including management team, customer service, regulatory compliance, licensing support and more.
  • End-to-End Automation – Our platform automates digital banking functions like account opening, lending services, transactions, regulatory reporting and beyond for efficiency.
  • Global Banking Integrations – We integrate with payment systems (Visa, Mastercard, SWIFT) as well as telecom and regulatory partners in over 150 countries for global banking capabilities.

Our Guided Process Delivers the Following:

  • Risk Management – Our systems proactively monitor fraud, cyber threats, money laundering, and other risks to keep your bank secure and compliant.
  • Omnichannel Access – Clients can access your digital bank via web, mobile, phone, email, social media, and other channels.
  • Seamless Client Onboarding – Our automated onboarding portal makes it easy for clients worldwide to quickly become customers of your digital bank.
  • Ongoing Optimization – Our experts constantly monitor performance, lend best practices, and utilize data insights to optimize your digital banking operations over time.
  • 100% Uptime SLA – We guarantee your digital bank will have optimal uptime and availability at all times.

Our DBaaS model provides everything needed to own a thriving digital bank with no capital outlay, technical skills, or complex regulatory processes required from you. Our end-to-end platform handles the hard work so you can profit.

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