The Problem:
Lost Opportunities And Revenue Due To Language Barriers

In today’s globalized world, banks have customers all over the world. However, language barriers often restrict companies from providing excellent customer service and tapping into new markets. This results in lost opportunities and revenue.
According to a survey by Common Sense Advisory, 75% of consumers say they are more likely to buy products that have information available in their native language.
However, only 34% of banks can provide support in languages other than English. This limits their ability to engage with non-English speaking customers.

Consequences Of Language Barriers:

  • Reduced customer satisfaction: Customers struggle to communicate their issues and needs. This leads to lengthy resolutions and frustrated customers.
  • Loss of sales opportunities: Many potential customers abandon purchases as the website/app is not in their native language. Up to 60% of potential customers never return after a bad experience.
  • Higher support costs: Support takes longer without efficient communication. More customer service resources are required.
  • Reputational damage: Negative sentiment spreads fast on social media when customers have poor experiences due to language gaps.
According to a study by Common Sense Advisory, companies lose out on $75 billion globally due to poor localization and lack of multilingual support.

Banks need an efficient solution to provide multilingual customer service at scale. AI chatbots are the answer.


The Solution:
AI Chatbots That Speak Your Customer’s Language

AI-powered chatbots can interact with customers in 100+ languages – bridging language gaps and enhancing experiences.

With configurable multilanguage support, chatbots understand your global customers’ intents regardless of the language they speak. They can quickly resolve issues, guide purchases, and engage meaningfully in the customer’s native tongue.

Key Benefits Of Multilingual Chatbots:

  • 24/7 availability in multiple languages: Chatbots provide instant and consistent assistance in the customer’s preferred language at any time. No need for staffing multiple language-proficient service agents.
  • Shorter resolution times: Chatbots resolve customer queries faster as there are no language barriers. Resolution rates can improve by 50-70%.
  • Higher CSAT scores: Customers are highly satisfied when chatbots can understand and communicate with them in their native language. CSAT scores see over 20% improvement.
  • Increased sales conversions: Chatbots guide customers through purchases in their language. This builds trust and improves conversions by 30-40%.
  • Expanded global reach: Chatbots help you engage customers in new non-English markets. Supports growth by tapping into a larger audience.
  • Lower support costs: Automated multilingual chatbots reduce labor costs by 30-50% as fewer agents are needed.


Here are some of the transformational benefits our customers experience after implementing our AI chatbots:

1. Native Fluency in 100+ Languages

  • Speak naturally to customers in their mother tongue without awkwardness or miscommunications
  • Built using a massive multilingual dataset, Anthropic’s Claude sounds human across 100+ languages

2. Slash Support Costs By 80%

  • Automate multilingual customer interactions for a fraction of human support costs
  • Reduce average handle times from 15 minutes to under one minute
  • Lower translation/training costs with AI handling global conversations

3. Convert Visitors 25x Higher

  • Higher comfort with native language bots drives substantially more conversions
  • Reduce bounce rates for international traffic by ensuring understanding
  • Build trust and boost sales from foreign markets

4. Scale Global Support Seamlessly

  • Quickly launch chatbots for new languages without overhead
  • Manage 100+ languages without increased staffing needs
  • Go global without logistical headaches

5. Deliver 24/7 Support Consistently

  • AI chatbots provide reliable 24/7 assistance in every language
  • Ensure consistent quality without human fatigue or turnover
  • Never keep customers waiting with instant, always-on help

6. Localize Sites For Each Market

  • Easily configure bots to match regional dialects and slang
  • Build locally relatable bots that resonate in each target market
  • Capture nuanced cultural details even across similar languages

7. Enable Self-Service Globally

  • Empower international customers to self-serve for quick needs
  • Reduce simple contacts to let staff focus on complex issues
  • Drive global user independence and satisfaction

8. Integrate Seamlessly With Your Tech Stack

  • Connect AI bots to your existing tools and databases
  • Unify global support across communication channels
  • Streamline consistent CX built on your infrastructure


How Our AI Chatbots Deliver Multilingual Support

Our chatbots combine artificial intelligence and machine learning with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities that allow conversing in multiple languages easily.

Here’s How They Can Understand And Interact In 100+ Global Languages:

  • Intent recognition across languages: Our NLP algorithms identify customer intents irrespective of the input language.
  • Contextual conversations: Chatbots maintain context across languages to have meaningful dialogues.
  • Automatic translation: If needed, chatbot responses are automatically translated into the customer’s language in real-time using translation APIs.
  • Multilingual training data: Our chatbots are trained extensively on diverse multilingual data to handle various customer queries and conversations in different languages.
  • Continuous learning: With every interaction, chatbots further improve their language processing capabilities through deep learning. Their vocabulary expands, and conversations get more natural.


Our multilingual chatbots ensure your brand provides localized yet personalized conversations no matter where your customers are.

Some examples of the language support and capabilities our AI chatbots offer:

Spanish Chatbot Support

  • Converse fluently in Spanish to provide native customer experiences.
  • Address customer pain points surrounding purchases, shipping, returns, and more.
  • Guide customers through catalogue or make product suggestions in Spanish.
  • Understand regional nuances of languages like Mexican Spanish, Argentinian Spanish, etc.
  • 38% increase in Spanish sales conversions
  • 50% faster resolution of Spanish customer inquiries
  • 15% higher CSAT from Spanish-speaking customers

Mandarin Chatbot Support

  • Provide support in simplified and traditional Chinese languages.
  • Allow Chinese customers to raise and resolve issues easily in their language.
  • Share product information, shipping updates and promotions in Chinese.
  • Maintain context and continue conversations naturally in Mandarin or Cantonese.
  • 60% reduction in support costs for Chinese customers
  • 20% boost in purchases from Chinese language markets
  • 10x growth in Chinese social media followers

French Chatbot Support

  • French-speaking customers get AI-powered conversational support.
  • Details on delivery, payments, troubleshooting, etc provided in French.
  • Understands regional French dialects and slang terms. Eg: Algerian French.
  • Addresses customer queries promptly in a human-like manner in French or Canadian French.
  • 45% increase in support resolution rates for French customers
  • 62% improvement in French website engagement and time-on-site
  • 25% more purchases via French chatbot guided selling

German Chatbot Support

  • German customers get AI-assisted support completely in German language.
  • Proactively engages visitors on German website through interactive chatbot.
  • Resolves account, billing or product issues quickly by conversing in German.
  • Provides personalized interactions using casual German terminology.
  • 70% faster resolution of support tickets by German chatbot
  • 15x growth in monthly German website traffic
  • 40% increase in German customer satisfaction score


By supporting 100+ languages, our chatbots expand your ability to acquire, support and retain global customers. This results in measurable bank growth.

Here Are Some Real-World Examples Of Results Achieved By Customers Using Our Multilingual AI Chatbots:

  • EuropeFoods: Added 20+ languages to their chatbot. Saw 38% increase in international sales in 6 months.
  • ModaMilano: Integrated AI chatbot with WhatsApp for multilingual support. Global customer resolutions improved by 65%.
  • AsiaShop: Chatbot support in 5 Asian languages increased regional website traffic by 200%.
  • LAWines: Wine subscriptions rose by 50% after launching Spanish chatbot for Latin American markets.
  • GoTours: German and French chatbots reduced customer service costs by $120,000
  • KaraBeauty: Launching Japanese chatbot helped acquire 90,000 new customers from Japan in 9 months.

By Industry:

  • E-commerce: 27% average increase in global conversions
  • Travel: 38% higher bookings from non-English speaking countries
  • Telecom: $380,000 average annual savings in support costs
  • Banking: 11% more digital banking users from multilingual chatbots
  • Healthcare: 60% improvement in patient engagement across languages
Our chatbots empower global brands to provide consistent yet localized support across diverse languages. This unlocks growth opportunities in new markets and improves customer retention across geographies.

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