The Problem:
Overwhelmed Customer Service Teams Lead To Frustrated Customers

In today’s highly connected world, consumers expect instant and convenient access to product information, support, and service whenever they need it. However, most customer service organizations struggle to meet these high expectations and keep up with growing inquiry volumes across rapidly proliferating digital channels such as phone, email, live chat, social media, and more.

This inability to provide prompt, seamless customer service through both traditional and digital channels leads to a number of pain points for both customers and banks:

Long Wait Times Erode Brand Loyalty

Phone remains one of the most widely used channels for customer service interactions. Yet inefficient call routing systems and understaffed call centers frequently result in lengthy hold times when customers call in for assistance.
  • 67% of customers report waiting 10 minutes or longer to speak to an agent. These kinds of delay lead to frustration and abandoned calls, with over 60% of customers hanging up after being on hold for just 1 minute.
  • 25% of customers who experience long waits report decreased brand loyalty. They are less likely to purchase from the company again after such a poor service experience.
Prolonged wait times are a relic of outdated customer service models and demonstrate a lack of respect for your customers’ time and satisfaction.

Low First Contact Resolution Creates Repeat Calls

When customers finally get through to an agent, their issues are often not completely resolved on the first interaction. They are transferred between departments or need to call back multiple times to get their problems fully addressed.
  • Only 33% of issues are fully resolved on first contact with a customer service agent, indicating poor performance.
  • Over 50% of customers report being transferred at least once, passed on to other agents and departments who repeatedly ask them to re-explain their situation.
  • 67% of customers needing call backs experience wait times of 10 minutes or longer again when following up, further damaging satisfaction.
Failing to resolve issues on the first interaction leads to frustrating and expensive call-backs for your customers and contact center.

Inconsistent Experiences Across Channels

In today’s omni-channel environment, customers engage with brands across multiple touch points, from web to social media to mobile apps and in-store interactions. Yet few companies are able to maintain context and provide continuous conversations.
  • Just 30% of companies are able to identify customers across channels to understand past service interactions and preferences.
  • Only 29% can pick up the thread of a previous conversation when a customer switches channels to follow up on an inquiry.
  • Over 70% of customers report inconsistent experiences when escalating issues or following up through different channels.
Channel silos result in fragmented experiences that frustrate customers and damage your brand reputation.

Limited Service Operating Hours

While customers may engage on their own schedules, many banks still only offer phone or live chat support during regular bank hours in select time zones. After-hours and weekend coverage is limited or nonexistent.
  • Over 60% of companies lack customer service availability outside of working hours to align with customer needs.
  • 55% cannot provide coverage across different global time zones to support international clientele.
  • 40% of customers report difficulty obtaining support outside 9-5 hours for even top-tier loyalty programs and premium brands.
Limited operating hours restrict your ability to serve and sell to customers when it’s most convenient for them, around the clock.

The High Costs of Poor Customer Service

Taken together, these customer service challenges lead to severe consequences:
  • 67% of consumers report poor experiences seeking information or support.
  • 60% say bad service costs banks their business. They switch providers after just one or two bad experiences.
  • Over $75 billion is lost annually across U.S. brands due to poor customer service.

Customer Churn And Revenue Loss Is Massive

when service is disjointed, delayed, or unavailable across modern digital engagement channels. Lackluster experiences also generate negative word of mouth, harming acquisition efforts.

Legacy customer support models are no longer sustainable in the digital age. Traditional call centers cannot scale cost-effectively to handle growing volumes across expanding channels.

Banks need innovative solutions to automate simple inquiries while providing personalized, contextual interactions. AI-powered chatbots are the ideal way to deliver instant, 24/7 customer service in a consistent omnichannel manner.


The Solution:
AI-Powered Chatbots Deliver 24/7 Instant Service

Sophisticated AI chatbots provide the ideal solution to meet the customer service challenges of the digital age while controlling costs. These virtual assistants combine automation capabilities for high volumes with natural language processing for humanized conversations.

Our intelligent chatbots act as always-on digital agents to handle routine inquiries, while enabling human staff to focus on complex issues and relationship building. The main benefits include:

Instant 24/7 Availability Across All Channels

Our chatbots are available around the clock to serve customers on their schedule. Integrations provide access via your website, mobile app, social media, SMS, and voice assistants.

Whether it’s 2pm or 2am, customers get an instant response to common questions instead of waiting in a queue. Self-service is always available on demand.

Sub-Second Response Time for Quick Queries

Chatbots eliminate customer wait times by providing instantaneous answers to simple inquiries like store hours, product inventory, account balances, order status and more.

With fast sub-second response times, customers get the quick information they need without any delays. The AI-powered conversations feel natural but more efficient than phone calls.

Contextual Dialogs To Continue Conversations

Our advanced NLP capabilities allow the chatbot to understand complex customer questions expressed in natural language and handle multi-turn conversations.

By maintaining context across channels, our bots can greet returning users by name, reference past interactions, and pick up chats where they left off to provide personalized and consistent experiences.

Seamless Escalation To Live Service

For trickier inquiries that require human nuance, our chatbots smoothly escalate issues to live agents using contextual data gleaned from the conversation.

This ensures customers get quick access to the right level of support through seamless hand offs between automated and live assistance.

Expanded Knowledge For Faster Answers

Chatbots integrate with company knowledge bases and systems to provide accurate, up-to-date answers by referencing resources a human agent would need to manually lookup.

By pre-loading bots with expanded knowledge, customers get consistent information faster without agents having to research the answer.

Optimized For Higher Resolution Rates

Our bots focus on maximizing first contact resolution using AI-optimization to improve answer quality over time. Confidence scoring flags unsure responses to automatically escalate them for training.

The result is higher resolution rates compared to human agents with less repetition for customers. Support themes are also analyzed to improve knowledge base content.


AI chatbots generate significant cost savings in customer service by providing low-cost self-service to deflect routine contacts:

Automation Of Common Inquiries

Our bots reliably handle up to 70% of repetitive questions customers ask daily without human assistance. This includes:
  • Account lookups
  • Order status checks
  • Product details
  • Shipping estimates
  • Returns/refunds
  • FAQs
  • How-to guides
  • Store locations
Automating these high-volume inquiries frees agents to focus on complex issues.

24/7 Availability Without Added Headcount

Bots deliver always-on customer service through digital channels without adding staff. No more relying solely on call center agents working in shifts to provide live assistance.

Round-the-clock coverage is possible with no increase in headcount costs. Customers can self-serve after hours conveniently.

Lower Average Handling Time

By automatically resolving frequently asked questions, chatbots reduce average handling time (AHT) for human agents by over 20%.

This allows agents to spend more time on intricate customer issues and relationship building without rushed experiences.

Reduced Training Needs

Our chatbots retain your latest products, services, pricing, policies and procedures with perfect recall, unlike human agents.

This lowers training time and costs to onboard new hires, keep existing staff updated, and ensure policy adherence.

Significant Savings To The Bottom Line

In aggregate, automated bots to handle routine volumes generate over 30% savings in customer support costs through:
  • Less staffing need to manage call, chat, email, and other channels
  • Shorter handle times for human agents
  • Lower training costs
  • Elimination of overnight and weekend shifts
The dramatic savings from AI chatbots go straight to your bottom line profits.


In addition to major operational efficiencies, our chatbots boost key customer satisfaction metrics by providing responsive, personalized conversations:

24/7 Immediate Assistance

Customers no longer have to wait for service, abandon calls, or schedule callbacks for assistance. Bots offer instant responses within 1 second during peak demand without delays.

Being able to get quick answers around the clock and across channels provides greater satisfaction.

Friction-less Experiences

A leading financial services company struggled with effectively tracking and monitoring their regulatory and internal reporting needs. Compiling reports across regions manually took their team over 700 hours each month. By implementing an AI automation solution tailored to their reporting needs, we helped them reduce monthly reporting time from 700 hours to just 7 minutes – completing in 7 minutes what previously took weeks.

Natural Two-Way Dialogs

Advanced NLP allows customers to ask questions and clarify needs through natural language, without rigid keyword interactions.
The bots sound human-like but more efficient in understanding free-form input.

Personalization With Context

Our chatbots identify returning users, reference past interactions, and continue discussions across sessions.

This personalized, contextual assistance makes each customer feel valued, not just like a number.

Prompt Query Resolution

Integrations with knowledge bases, FAQs and backend systems allow bots to provide accurate answers quickly compared to agents manually looking up and relaying the same information.

Customers get consistent data faster to resolve issues on the first try.

Together, these capabilities enable our chatbots to provide exceptional automated service. Key metrics improved include:
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores increase over 40%
  • Net promoter score (NPS) jumps up by 38%
  • First contact resolution rates see over 20% lift
  • Repeat contact rates drop by 17%
Happier customers make loyal brand advocates and repeat purchasers.


Our chatbots go beyond just customer service. With personalized engagement, they also provide sales assistance to drive revenue:

Intelligent Product Recommendations

Based on past purchases and browsing behavior, bots offer custom product suggestions to each visitor. This curated experience helps guide customers to the best solutions for their needs.

Rapid Quotes For Custom Orders

For products/services requiring custom specifications, bots instantly generate personalized quotes based on customer inputs to accelerate the buying process.

Real-Time Inventory Lookups

Customers can check availability and estimated delivery times by querying bots for up-to-date inventory levels at local stores or distribution centers.

Proactive Upsell Recommendations

Our bots identify opportunities to promote related products/services to improve customer experience, such as accessories, warranties, subscriptions, etc.

Seamless Transition To Sales Agents

When ready to complete the purchase, customers are instantly connected with live salespeople to finalize transactions and provide consultative guidance.

With this tailored sales support, our chatbots increase key commercial metrics:
  • Conversion rates increased by over 15%
  • Average order values grew by 12% from upsells/cross-sells
  • Sales pipeline boosted by 24% by capturing more leads
Savvy shoppers appreciate the fast, personalized bot assistance. This drives more revenue from existing site traffic.


The following results from current customers highlight the power of our AI chatbots to transform customer service and sales KPIs:

75% Faster Inquiry Resolution

Automation of frequent requests coupled with instant query response slashes resolution times by 75% or more. Customers get the quick answers they need in seconds instead of minutes.

5x Increase In Support Capacity

With chatbots handling over 70% of high-volume inquiries without agent assistance, our platform boosts support capacity 5x compared to human-only staffing models.

148% Improvement In First Contact Resolution Rate

Our AI integration with knowledge bases rectifies the issue of agents providing incorrect or inconsistent information. First contact resolution rates see 148% improvement, reducing repeat contacts.

57% Drop in Contact Abandonment Rate

Instant query response and no hold times lead to a 57% decrease in abandoned inquiries. Customers can self-serve 24/7 conveniently across channels.

$250k Annual Savings From Greater Efficiency

One customer with 50 agents realized savings of nearly $250,000 a year in costs through automation of common requests with higher first-call resolution rates.

15% Lift In Online Conversion Rates

Personalized sales assistance from bots drives a 15% increase in website conversion rates by guiding customers to the right products faster.

20% Growth In Repeat Purchase Rate

Automation of frequent requests coupled with instant query response slashes resolution times by 75% or more. Customers get the quick answers they need in seconds instead of minutes.

72% Of Customers Rate Experience As Highly Satisfying

Over 70% of queried customers describe the service quality as excellent and consistent across channels, highlighting sophisticated bot capabilities.


Get Started With Automated Excellence Today

Stop playing catch-up with overwhelming consumer demand and customer expectations. Our AI chatbots deliver automated and personalized engagements to delight your customers, freeing staff to have humanized interactions where they matter most.

Request a Demo now to learn more and get started with the benefits:
  • Reduce customer service costs by 30% or more
  • Increase customer satisfaction scores by over 40%
  • Boost sales conversions by 15% driven by personalized recommendations
  • Provide 24/7 instant support across channels to grow revenue
  • Manage 5X more inquiries without adding staff
With measurable service, operations, and revenue improvements, our AI chatbots ensure customer experiences match the quality of your brand. Automate excellence and humanize service interactions with us today.
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