Step 1.

Apply For The 100X Bank

First, review the investment options tables and decide on your preferred investment package. Second, apply for the 100X bank by filling the form below.
Once we receive your investment application form, an invoice will be sent to you to make your investment. You are expected to pay the invoice to get started.

Step 2.

WTE Will Set Up Your Bank

Once your invoice payment is confirmed, WTE will set up your 100X investment account within 24 hours or 100X bank within 30 days. 
For more information on what you will get after your investment, CLICK HERE

Step 3.

Make A 10,000% Return On Investment!


Once your 100X investment bank platform is set up, you can make a 10,000% return on your investments by creating and monetizing credit contracts via your bank. Credit contracts denote highly leveraged investments. To buy a credit contract, you need to pay only a fraction of the actual value of the contract, say 0.05%. This 0.05% is termed margin and is more like a transaction fee to ensure trade facilitation and income generation cover. Now, let’s say you have $500,000 to invest. With this amount, you can own a bank with $1 billion worth of credits. (0.05% of $1B is $500K).


Make A 10,000% Return On Investment!

The $1B credit is issued to finance member companies’ businesses. Like any bank or brokerage fi­rm, you will receive a 5% cash transaction fee on the financial transactions of member companies that you grant credit to via your bank. If member companies spend the $1B credits on business transactions and pay you a 5% transaction fee, you would earn $50M (5% of $1B = $50 million. Thus, you invested $500,000 and received $50 million in profit, a 10,000% return on investment.

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