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Embrace the Future of Project Financing with WTE Capital Ltd!

Industry Expertise and Guidance

How Bice Capital Supports Projects with Industry Expertise and Guidance

Bice Capital Ltd offers valuable insights, guidance, and connections to enhance project success beyond initial funding.

1.Extensive Experience Across Sectors and Asset Classes

  • Deep knowledge of key trends, players, and best practices across industries
  • Hands-on expertise building and operating projects globally
  • Familiarity with specialized assets and technologies
  • Skilled at assessing unique project contexts and requirements

2.Insights to Refine Business Plans and Models

  • Provide market perspectives to strengthen strategies and positioning
  • Suggest ways to enhance value proposition vs. competitors
  • Advise on optimal revenue models, pricing, and customer targeting
  • Offer creative ideas to improve operations, reduce costs, and manage risks

3.Connections to Ideal Partners and Vendors

  • Introductions to aligned operating partners and advisors
  • Relationships with reputable EPC contractors suited to projects
  • Trusted networks of reliable suppliers, service providers, and distributors
  • Ability to assemble tailored “dream teams” to execute projects

4.Assistance with Technical and Operational Planning

  • Recommend site selection, facility design, and capacity optimizations
  • Provide benchmarks and lessons learned on construction, technology adoption
  • Offer insights on supply chain design, inventory management, and logistics
  • Suggest talent recruitment, training, and organizational best practices

5.Help Building Robust Financial Projections

  • Model revenue ramps, operating leverage, and cash flow sensitivities
  • Provide benchmarks for capital costs, operating expenses, and working capital
  • Assist with creating credible plans to attract investors and lenders
  • Stress test key assumptions and identify potential performance gaps

6.Oversight to Ensure Effective Project Delivery

  • Help establish project management disciplines and controls upfront
  • Periodic progress monitoring based on milestones
  • Course-correct and troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Ensure execution aligns with projections and business case

7.Governance Support for Optimal Decision Making

  • Advise on board composition, management incentives, controls
  • Provide templates for budgets, reporting, audits, and compliance
  • Help instill processes for effective and transparent oversight
  • Ensure proper governance to balance stakeholder interests

8.Strategic Guidance Through Changes and Expansions

  • Counsel on market expansions, follow-on phases, and pivots
  • Assist with restructuring or recapitalizations when needed
  • Provide continuity of support through inevitable ups and downs
  • Position projects for successful exits or transitions