The Problem:
Disjointed And Inconsistent Customer Experiences Across Channels

Customers today expect quick and seamless interactions with banks across multiple channels like websites, mobile apps, social media, messaging platforms and more. However, most banks struggle to deliver consistent and personalized experiences across these fragmented touchpoints. This leads to a disjointed customer journey with the following pain points:

No Unified View Of The Customer

With customer conversations spread across different channels and teams, banks lose visibility into the entire journey. Important context gets lost when customers switch channels, leading to repetitive conversations.
  • Without a consolidated view, agents cannot get the full history and derive relevant insights about customer needs.
  • Customers get frustrated having to repeat their issues or explain their backgrounds again.

Inconsistent Experiences & Information

Since different channels are managed separately, customers receive inconsistent experiences and information.
  • One team may promise something on social media that gets contradicted by another team on live chat.
  • Self-service content on the website may provide different troubleshooting steps compared to messaging apps.
  • This leads to a fragmented brand experience that damages trust.

Difficult To Scale Support Across Channels

Expanding social media teams, dedicated mobile apps and unique messaging experiences for each channel is expensive.
  • banks strain their support resources trying to manage disjointed channels.
  • It’s hard to optimize the customer experience without seeing the full context.
As a result, response times get slower and quality drops as teams get overwhelmed.

Some More Key Pain Points Include:

  • Long wait times: Customers get frustrated waiting hours or days for responses on channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. This leads to poor satisfaction.
  • Inconsistent experiences: Conversations start in one channel and require switching to another channel to resolve issues. This confuses customers.
  • Limited automation: Many channels like SMS lack automation capabilities for instant responses. Agents have to manually intervene.
  • Difficult integration: Integrating chatbots with multiple channels is complex for most banks. This results in siloed experiences.
According to a survey, 68% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels. However, only 29% of banks can deliver this experience.

Poor Cross-Channel Experience Leads To:

  • High abandonment rates: Up to 90% of customers abandon a transaction if they need to switch channels.
  • Increased agent workload: Agents scramble across different platforms to address customer queries. This leads to longer resolution times.
  • Low customer satisfaction: Inconsistent experiences frustrate customers and reduce brand loyalty.
banks spend too much time stitching together disjointed solutions for managing conversations across channels. A unified approach is needed.


The Solution:
AI Chatbot With Universal Multichannel Connectivity

An AI-powered conversational chatbot with universal multichannel connectivity presents a unified and consistent experience across all customer touchpoints. An AI-powered chatbot integrated across messaging apps, websites, SMS and more can provide:

Instant 24/7 Automated Responses

  • Sub-second response times: Answer common questions in under 1 second without customers waiting in queues.
  • 24/7 availability: Chatbots handle conversations even after hours, on weekends and during holidays.
  • 10x more conversations: Chatbots can manage 5-10 times more conversations than human agents at once.

Consistent, Personalized Cross-Channel Experiences

  • Unified conversations: Continue conversations seamlessly when customers switch channels.
  • Contextual awareness: Remember customer history and context across channels for personalized interactions.
  • Centralized control: Manage all chats from one dashboard for a consolidated view.

Streamlined Conversations Across Touchpoints

  • Website live chat: Greet website visitors proactively and guide them to relevant pages.
  • Social media: Engage followers on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp bank and more.
  • SMS: Exchange messages with customers directly over SMS.
  • In-app messaging: Offer assistance within your mobile app.
  • Email: Provide 24/7 automated or assisted support over email.
By integrating an AI chatbot across channels, banks can boost efficiency, deliver more helpful and personalized conversations, and strengthen customer relationships.


1.Central Knowledge Base For All Channels

The chatbot relies on a central knowledge base rather than separate databases for each channel. This unified knowledge ensures consistent answers and recommendations regardless of channel.
  • Customers get the same troubleshooting tips, product information and resolutions everywhere. No more contradictory information across channels.

2.Persistent Memory Across Conversations

The chatbot retains context and memory for each customer over time and channels.
  • Conversations seamlessly pick up from where they left off when customers switch from Facebook to WhatsApp to website.
  • No need to repeat earlier interactions or re-explain issues. Improved personalization.

3.Shared Customer Profile Across Teams

A unified customer profile shares insights across all channels and human teams.
  • Agents can immediately see earlier conversations and profile data when engaging customers on any channel.
  • The chatbot leverages this shared understanding to serve customers better.

4.Optimized Agent Handoffs

The chatbot requests agent assistance only when needed, with full conversation history shared instantly.
  • Agents see the customer’s profile, past interactions across channels and precise reason for handoff.
  • This context makes human takeovers smooth, reducing repetitive conversations.

5.Consolidated Analytics & Improvement

With data aggregated across every channel, you get a complete view of the customer experience.
  • Analytics reveal pain points and optimization opportunities across the entire journey.
  • The chatbot keeps learning and improving through ongoing feedback.


Multichannel chatbots deliver the following benefits:

33% Higher Customer Satisfaction

  • Unified experiences across channels delights customers with smooth, personalized conversations.
  • Issues get resolved faster with persistent chatbot memory.
  • 79% of customers are more satisfied with consistent omnichannel interactions.

62% Lower Service Costs

  • Automation handles common requests across channels, reducing human workload.
  • Intelligent handovers optimize agent involvement for complex issues.
  • This drives significant efficiencies, with live chat costs down 58% alone.

4X Higher Agent Productivity

  • Complete customer history shared instantly with handoffs eliminates repetitive conversations.
  • Agents spend less time looking up background and more time resolving issues.
  • Contextual handovers result in a 4X productivity jump.

55% Higher Cross-Sell & Upsells

  • A holistic view of past interactions helps the chatbot provide personalized product suggestions.
  • Unified analytics identifies wider needs and interests to pitch relevant offerings.
  • Omnichannel personalization drives 55% more cross-sells and upsells.

41% Higher Conversion Rates

  • Consistent experiences build trust to turn prospects into customers.
  • Seamless conversational journeys keep customers engaged.
  • Omnichannel chatbots deliver conversion rates 41% higher compared to fragmented experiences.


Here are the top capabilities to look for in AI chatbots for unified multichannel connectivity:

Intelligent Conversational Interface

Look for advanced NLU (natural language understanding) to deliver human-like conversations that adapt to customer needs and sendiment. AI should analyze not just words but context and intent.

Seamless Channel Integration

Seek broad channel support via integrations, webhooks and APIs. Priority channels include website, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, email, mobile apps, Alexa and more.

Persistent Memory

Choose chatbots with persistent conversational memory and context across time and channels. This avoids repetitive questions as customers switch touchpoints.

Unified Knowledge Base

Ensure a centralized knowledge base serves consistent answers across channels vs fragmented content. Contextual responses build trust.

Secure Customer Profile Sharing

Chatbots should share customer data and conversation history across channels securely following privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Intelligent Escalation & Handoff

Look for omni-channel handoff capabilities to engage human agents with full context when needed. Reduce repetitive conversations.

Consolidated Analytics

Seek chatbots with unified reporting and insights across all channels to optimize the entire customer journey.


Our chatbot comes packed with powerful capabilities to deliver the benefits above across channels:

Easy Cross-Channel Integration

  • Direct integration with 100+ messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS/text, Apple bank Chat, Twitter, Line and many more.
  • Web and mobile SDKs to add chatbots to your website, mobile apps, egg.
  • REST APIs to embed anywhere and build custom integrations.
  • Channel connector plugins for common platforms like Shopify, Zendesk, Salesforce etc.

AI-Powered Conversational Interface

  • Natural language processing to understand varied customer inputs.
  • Contextual awareness to continue coherent, personalized conversations.
  • In-depth conversational flows to handle complex queries.
  • Sentiment analysis to gauge customer satisfaction.

Smart Routing & Escalation

  • Qualify leads with profile questions to route to correct teams.
  • Escalate urgent issues seamlessly to live agents based on criticality.
  • Effective handovers to agents with full conversation history.

Powerful Management Console

  • Unified inbox to manage and respond to conversations from one dashboard.
  • History and profile data to assist agents and personalize interactions.
  • Conversation analytics for actionable insights into customer needs.
  • Integration with bank software like CRM, helpdesk etc.

Highest Security

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure with redundancy and failover.
  • SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance for data security.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant for data privacy.
  • Role-based access control and audit logs.


Thousands of leading companies rely on our AI chatbot to engage customers across channels:

Higher Conversions For Ecommerce Store

  • 183% increase in website conversion rates
  • 76% growth in revenue per visitor
  • 28% more lead generation

Faster Resolution For Digital Bank

  • 62% of queries resolved instantly by AI
  • 41% boost in CSAT scores
  • 32% improvement in response times

Enhanced Engagement Across Channels

  • 53% increase in conversations handled
  • 48% drop in missed interactions
  • 41% growth in customer satisfaction


When deployed effectively, multichannel chatbots deliver significant ROI through:

Chat Volume Growth

  • 72% increase in total chats handled across channels. Gain omnichannel scale.

Live Chat Deflection

  • 67% of inquiries deflected away from live chat, reducing human workload.

Query Resolution Rate

  • 86% of customer queries resolved directly by the chatbot without handing off to agents.

Customer Lifetime Value

  • 48% higher CLTV driven by omnichannel personalization and consistent experience.

Sales Conversion Rates

  • 39% more leads converted into customers via seamless conversational journeys.

Average Handling Time

  • 65% lower AHT as customers don’t have to re-explain issues across channels.

Customer Service Costs

  • 57% reduction in customer service costs by automating repetitive inquiries across channels.

Agent Utilization

  • 41% boost in agent utilization by eliminating redundant conversations during handoffs.
Multichannel chatbots transform customer experiences across touchpoints while driving greater operational efficiency. Unified conversations make customers happy while optimizing support costs. Prioritize omnichannel connectivity to maximize chatbot ROI.


Now you can take your customer engagement to the next level by integrating an AI-powered chatbot seamlessly with your existing channels.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Set up your chatbot and integrate it across web, mobile and social channels.
  2. Build engaging dialog flows, leverage NLP and enable smart routing.
  3. Monitor performance and optimize continuously with data insights.
With our end-to-end bot platform, you can deploy an intelligent chatbot in days, not months.
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