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Never buy or sell online without BCL Escrow

Never buy or sell online without BCL Escrow

With BCL you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments.

Transact Safely with Our Peer-to-Peer Escrow-Style Payment Platform

BCL Escrow provides a secure way for buyers and sellers to transact online without the risk of fraud or chargebacks. Our escrow service acts as a trusted third party, holding payment until the buyer receives and approves of the item, service or deliverable.


As an escrow company, BCL’s sole purpose is to enable trust between strangers on the internet. We provide the framework for buyers and sellers to safely conduct business, even when transacting high value items between parties that don’t know each other.

The most trusted online escrow service in the world

BCL Escrow is globally recognized as the premier escrow service for facilitating online transactions.

Our commitment to security, ease of use and excellent customer service has made BCL the escrow service of choice for all types of online transactions. Whether you are looking to buy or sell digital goods, physical products, vehicles, real estate or high value items, BCL has you covered.

1. Protecting both buyers and sellers

Our escrow process is designed to minimize risk for both the buyer and seller in an online transaction. We hold payment securely until the buyer receives, inspects and approves the item as described. Only then is payment released to the seller. This protects the buyer from sending payment for unsatisfactory or misrepresented items. Likewise, the seller is assured payment upon delivery of the agreed items.

2. Secure payments in one line of code

BCL offers developers simple API integration for enabling escrow payments in custom platforms and marketplaces. With just a few lines of code, your site can leverage BCL’s trusted escrow system for transactions. This allows you to facilitate safe commerce between your users without having to build and manage an escrow process from scratch.

3. Hassle free setup of the escrow account

Opening a BCL escrow account takes just minutes online. Both buyers and sellers can quickly sign up and begin transacting with escrow protection. Our signup process is simple and hassle free. Once your account is created, you can immediately start buying or selling with other BCL members.

4. The most trusted online escrow service in the world

Our reputation as a trusted third party for high value transactions sets us apart from other escrow companies. Leading marketplaces and ecommerce sites rely on BCL every day for enabling secure transactions without fraud.

How the Escrow Process Works

Using BCL Escrow provides assurance and protection for both buyers and sellers throughout the transaction process. Here is how our escrow service works to enable safe commerce:


1. Buyer and seller agrees

The buyer and seller connect online and agree to transact using BCL’s escrow protections. This could occur directly between parties in a peer-to-peer transaction or facilitated through a marketplace. Either party may request to use BCL Escrow if they prefer the added security.

2. Submits Payment to Escrow

The buyer submits full payment for the transaction to BCL Escrow. This payment is held securely in our escrow account – it is not released to anyone yet. This protects the buyer from sending funds directly to an unknown seller.

3. Delivers Goods or Service to Buyer

The seller then delivers the agreed upon goods, product or service to the buyer as promised. This could be shipped items, a digital download, service delivery or any exchange as defined.

4. Releases Payment to Seller

Upon the buyer’s approval that the item or service was delivered satisfactorily, BCL Escrow releases the payment to the seller. The transaction is now safely completed with our escrow protection. If any issues arise, BCL works as an intermediary to solve disputes.

Provided Features

BCL Escrow provides more than just payment holdings – we offer a full suite of escrow services to enable seamless and secure transactions between strangers.


Payments for your website, marketplace, classified site, shopping cart or mobile app with no chargebacks, ever.

  • Built for developers, by developers: Any business can integrate the safety and security of escrow payments to their platform as simply as common payment methods such as Stripe.
  • Protecting both buyers and sellers: Using escrow, buyers get to inspect the goods or services before accepting them, protecting the buyer. Likewise, sellers are protected from counterparty risk by no chargeback, ever.
  • Securely hold funds: BCL securely holds funds until all terms are fulfilled by both parties to eliminate fraud or chargeback risks.
  • Manage escrow accounts: Users have secure access to their personal escrow account dashboard to check balances and manage transactions.
  • Release funds smoothly: Once terms are met by buyer and seller, we seamlessly release funds to the appropriate party.
  • Mediate disputes If issues arise: Our team steps in as an unbiased third party to resolve problems quickly and fairly.
  • Insure high value items: For extra protection, BCL offers insurance options for expensive items held in escrow.
  • Globally available: Our escrow platform operates worldwide so parties can transact across borders.
  • 24/7 customer support: Our excellent customer service team is available around the clock to help with any escrow needs.
  • Backed by trust: As an established industry leader, our reputation means users can trust BCL to enable secure, successful transactions.
  • Compliant and licensed: We meet all legal requirements to operate as a qualified third party payment processor and escrow company.

Transact Big Online with Complete Confidence

For high ticket items or transactions between strangers, BCL Escrow provides the trusted solution. By acting as an intermediary holder of funds, we enable smooth, secure transactions where both parties can have confidence.

Globally Recognized Escrow Brand

Our globally recognized escrow brand brings peace of mind to both buyers and sellers. Backed by industry leading security, transparent processes and excellent customer service, BCL enables online transactions at any scale – all with minimal risk of fraud or non-delivery.

How Our Escrow Service Protects Buyers

For buyers looking to purchase online, especially expensive or risky items, BCL Escrow provides assurance you will get what you paid for.

  • Inspect items before release of payment to seller
  • Avoid seller fraud – payment only released upon your approval
  • Reduce risk of non-delivery – seller must fulfill terms first
  • Password protect purchases
  • Get help resolving any issues
  • Secure transactions across any marketplace

Buy with Total Confidence and Security

With BCL as your trusted third party escrow service, you can buy online with greatly reduced risk. Prevent seller scams, non-delivery and misrepresented items by only releasing payment to the seller after you inspect and authorize the transaction.

For high ticket purchases between strangers, BCL’s escrow protection lets you transact with the utmost confidence in a secure, insured transaction. Buying big ticket items like vehicles, expensive electronics, jewelry, real estate and more is safe with our escrow service.

How Our Escrow Service Protects Sellers

For sellers conducting business online, BCL Escrow provides assurance you will securely get paid for fulfilling transactions.

  • Payment held securely with trusted BCL Escrow
  • No risk of chargebacks or payment fraud
  • Comply with buyer inspection terms
  • Funds released to you upon buyer approval
  • Support resolving any issues
  • Reliable payments across any platform

Sell Online Worry-Free

BCL Escrow eliminates the risks associated with selling online to unknown parties. You can conduct business through online marketplaces, classifieds or independently knowing payment is held securely until the buyer approves the transaction.

This protects you against fraudulent buyers, false claims, chargebacks and non-payment. Once you deliver the goods or service satisfactorily, BCL will ensure you are paid in full as agreed in the transaction. Escrow services enable you to sell online with confidence.

Trusted Globally for All Transactions

BCL Escrow provides specialized escrow services that enable parties anywhere in the world to transact online with trust and safety:



Secure High Ticket Purchases

  • Vehicles – cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats
  • Real estate – property, land, homes
  • Luxury items – jewelry, watches, collectibles
  • Expensive electronics – computers, TVs, sound systems

Protect Digital Deliverables

  • Web design, development and programming services
  • App, game and software development
  • Writing, editing and translating services
  • Video, photo and media services
  • Online lessons and tutoring

Enable Marketplaces and Commerce

  • Peer to peer transactions
  • Classifieds sites like Craigslist
  • Multi-vendor shopping carts
  • Custom commerce platforms
  • Auctions and custom listings

Why BCL Escrow is the Most Trusted

What makes BCL the premier choice for online escrow services?

Proven Security

Our encrypted escrow platform uses bank-level security to protect transaction information and assets. We meet and exceed industry security standards.

World Class Customer Service

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance with the escrow process for a smooth transaction experience.

Compliant and Licensed Globally

We maintain licensing and legal compliance to operate as a qualified third party payment processor and escrow company worldwide.

Trusted Brand

Our reputation as an established industry leader provides confidence in BCL as a trusted payment intermediary for all transactions.

Reliable and Effective at Scale

Our secure, highly reliable technology platform easily scales to process high payment volume for leading global marketplaces and enterprises.

Fair Dispute Mediation

If any issues come up, we step in as an unbiased intermediary to quickly resolve conflicts to mutual satisfaction.

Fast Payouts

Once buyer terms are fulfilled, we process escrow payouts to sellers quickly and securely with minimal delays.

Insurance Options

For expensive transactions, we offer additional insurance to fully protect high value items held in escrow.

Start Using BCL Escrow Today

Ready to start transacting online with escrow protection? Opening a BCL Escrow account takes just minutes online.

For buyers and sellers, our escrow services provide the trusted solution that enables secure transactions between strangers. Avoid fraud and have confidence that your transactions will complete satisfactorily when using BCL as your escrow provider.

Learn More

To learn more and sign up for an account, visit our website. Our friendly support team is also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about getting started with escrow.

Let BCL Escrow provide that extra layer of protection for your valuable online transactions. Safe commerce is just a click away. Open an account and begin transacting securely today.