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Embrace the Future of Project Financing with WTE Capital Ltd!

About Bice Capital

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About WTE Capital

Own The Bank, We Do The Work!

At WTE Capital Ltd, we make owning your own digital bank a reality without the millions in capital, technical skills or regulatory struggles! Through our revolutionary Digital Banking-As-A-Service (DBaaS), you can own a personalized digital bank offering full financial services to clients worldwide. Best of all? We take care of everything and have your bank up and running within 30 days!

  • Our Mission:
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  • Our Vision:
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  • Our Values:
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Bice Capital Ltd

Our Mission:

  • ➔ To provide revolutionary financing solutions that reignite and propel ambitious projects towards realization.
  • ➔ To eradicate traditional financing roadblocks, enabling visionaries to shift from dreaming to executing.
  • ➔ To assess projects based on their merit and potential, ensuring every visionary idea gets a chance to flourish.
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Bice Capital Ltd

Our Vision:

  • ➔ To be the beacon of hope for groundbreaking projects that drive progress, create jobs, and enhance lives.
  • ➔ To reimagine the financing landscape, making Bice Capital Ltd synonymous with fast, efficient, and creative funding solutions that turn dreams into realities.
  • ➔ To revolutionize the way innovators access capital, offering funding faster than ever before.
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Our Values:

  • ➔ Merit-based Funding: We prioritize the potential and impact of a project over traditional metrics like credit scores and extensive credentials.
  • ➔ Speed and Efficiency: Recognizing that time is crucial, we offer accelerated funding processes, bypassing lengthy paperwork and delays.
  • ➔ Uncompromised Vision: We empower creators to maintain the integrity of their projects without having to cut corners or dilute their vision.
  • ➔ Flexibility: Our tailored financing solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of every project.
  • ➔ Partnership: We don’t just fund; we align with our clients, acting as strategists, facilitators, and partners in realizing their visions.
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Reasons for Choosing Bice Capital

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Rapid Financing01

You receive your funds faster than you ever thought possible.

Tailored Solutions02

You get financing solutions tailored to the requirements of your project.

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Strategic Partnership03

We aren’t just financiers; we’re your partners.

Merit-Based Approach04

We focus on the merit of your project.Not traditional metrics.

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Fast-Track Your Ambitions

In a world where time is synonymous with opportunity, Bice Capital Ltd propels your idea forward at lightning speed. Say goodbye to lengthy, cumbersome processes and hello to our efficient, expedited funding approach. With our platform, waiting months for project financing becomes a thing of the past.

We Are Your Strategic Partner

At Bice Capital Ltd, we’re more than just a financing platform. We’re your allies, your advocates, your partners in bringing your vision to life. We understand the power and potential of groundbreaking ideas, and we’re here to ensure they don’t remain just ideas.

Join the Revolution

The landscape of project financing is changing, and Bice Capital Ltd is at the helm of this revolution. If you’re tired of traditional financing barriers and ready to step into a realm of endless possibilities, we’re here to guide you.

Bice Capital

Unlock the power of visionary financing

Choose flexibility, speed, and a partner who believes in your project as much as you do.